The Bodybuilder’s Greatest Secret: Prohormones

Gone are the steroid days. For bodybuilders, now is the time to buy prohormones. Today, a lot of people have been singing praises for this wonder supplement. However, only a little has shed light on the necessary information about prohormones. Here you will learn some of the important facts regarding this supplement.

What are Prohormones?


These are the precursors of testosterone, a male hormone. If ingested, the prohormones will be converted into new testosterones for your body. Testosterone has two main functions: the anabolic and the androgenic function.

Anabolic function refers to the creation and maintenance of muscles and bones in the body. It is because of this function that bodybuilders buy prohormones.

On the other hand, masculine features are regulated through the androgenic function. These include the facial and body hair growth, voice pitch and baldness in men.

Different Types of Prohormones

Here are the most common types of prohormones that are used by bodybuilders.

Epistane (Havoc): Dubbed as the most popular prohormone, Epistane can deliver a good amount of muscle mass and strength of muscle without damaging the liver. Dosage per day is 20 to 70 mgs.

Superdrol (Masterdrol, M Drol, S Drol): Superdrol, the strongest prohormone, is used to gain a significant amount of muscle mass and strength. Dosage should be 10 to 30 mg per day.

Pheraplex (Phera Plex, P Plex, Phera): This is used in bulking to gain lean muscle. The user should drink lots of water if taking this supplement. 10 to 30 mg per day is the recommended dosage of Pheraplex.

M-1 (4ADD): This prohormone is classified under the liver toxic category. Used for bulking cycles, the dosage should be around 30 to 90 mg.

Halodrol (H-Drol, Halodrol-50): Compared to most prohormones, this one is milder in effect. As such, it is mainly used in a cutting cycle (wherein the user intends to reduce body fat but maintain muscle mass). Recommended dosage is 25 to 75 mg per day.

4AD: This is used in conjunction with other prohormones because it is the weakest of all the prohormone types. Because of its mild effect, there is only a slow yet steady growth of muscle mass when taking 4AD. Also, this supplement should be taken for a longer period of time to see its effect in the body.

Methods of Delivery

Another advantage of prohormones is that it has several methods of delivery compared to other alternatives such as steroids.


Oral: This is the most common form of delivery method for prohormones. If you buy prohormones for oral delivery, it can be either in capsule or powder form. However, the liver breaks down 95% of the ingested prohormone so only 5% will be absorbed by the body if the prohormone is taken orally.

Sublingual: By sublingual, it means that the prohormone is put under the tongue for it to be dissolved and absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth. This is more effective than oral, but the number of mucous membranes is only limited so not everything will be absorbed.

Nasal: About 7 mg of prohormones per spray will be absorbed in the mucous membranes found in the nasal passages. As such, this is twice more effective than the sublingual method.

Transdermal: The prohormones are mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol and will be sprayed on the body for maximum absorption. For 12 hours, the sprayed solution will release a steady supply of prohormes into the body.

By knowing the types of prohormones and the available methods of delivery, it is now easy to decide which brand and type of supplement you will buy. Prohormones, a must of bodybuilders, is definitely shaping the men of the world for the better.