The Search for a Golf Driver

While golf is being viewed today as one of the most exciting club-and-ball sports in various countries, it can be even more exciting with the emergence of golf tools– particularly golf drivers – which aim to promotes a better playing experience.

For some, standard golf clubs can do the trick,especially in terms of hitting the ball accurately and farther. Given just the right positioning, angle, and swing, they are already set for a good game. While these are the players who like to stick with the traditional golf clubs, there are also golfers (both amateurs and professionals) who prefer to be better at their shot with the use of drivers.There are many golf advocates out there who consider golf drivers as the foundation of a really good game. Well, in this case, to play is to believe. While this cannot be contested nor agreed upon, it still depends on the players’ approach, style, and overall techniques that are applied throughout the game.

To simply understand the term (for everyone’s quick reference), golf drivers are designed to hit the ball the farthest and most generally used for tee shots. Just a little segue, tee shot is usually referred to as the first stroke played from the teeing ground of a particular golf hole. Going back to the drivers, there are different types of golf drivers in the market which are designed to further improve ball-hitting techniques.

Golf drivers

Now, in case you are willing to shell out hard-earned bucks to purchase a driver(which can be a bit pricey), then here are the things to consider before making a visit to the nearest golf store or clicking the ‘buy button’ online:

1)Long versus short

Longer driver does not always equate to a better performance. While this could be true for some, many still agree that shorter is better than longer. The average length of a single driver is about 43” to 48” long. The longer the driver is, the lesser the impact once the ball is hit off the tee. In contrast, the shorter one produces more impact, improves launch conditions, and is more manageable than the long drivers.

2)Consider specs

just like when buying a new phone – or any gadget in general – it is essential to consider specs first and foremost. Buying a driver is not as easy as purchasing candy from the grocery store since it requires special attention to detail, specifically of its core specs such as functionality, design, adjust-ability, weight, stability, etc.

3)Think Through Distance

if the driver is engineered to maximize distance, then it is certainly worth the money. Distance is important when driving the ball since the more accurate the distance is, the higher the chances of getting the ball into the hole. But then again, that is not always the case because there are skillful golfers who rely on accuracy more than distance (which is another subject to tackle). In any point, distance is important. Drivers which are intended to increase distance – without going too much – are the best kind drivers to invest on.

4)Altitude Matters

playing in high altitude could be a challenge for any golfer, especially when it comes to hitting the ball straight. Well, there are golf drivers in the market that are especially designed to be used at high altitude areas. To those who are looking for these specific drivers, just read through the product description and notice the label ‘altitude driver.’ Be very careful though as drivers still vary when it comes to being altitude-friendly.

5)Know Your Swing

while there are drivers which guarantee impressive specs, maximum distance, and altitude-aid, there is still no doubt that a golfer’s swing is one the factors to consider when buying a new driver (or when replacing one). Assessing one’s swing can help in choosing which driver is the best. Since drivers vary in length, size, and specs, know what is most fitted to use by considering your personal swing abilities and techniques. The performance still depends on the golfer’s abilities and tricks when it comes to swinging the ball. A driver can be of great help, but the golfer’s drive in a game matters most.

6)Speed Check

there are improved drivers in the market which offer a faster ball speed and a lower spin-rate for more distance. A good driver could play a crucial role in setting the speed of a ball once it is hit off the ground. Long and light drivers are usually the ones which offer a good ball speed and fast swing speed. Details on speed are usually seen in product descriptions both online and on physical stores, so just read carefully and be ready to be amazed at how certain drivers can actually boost ball speed.

7)Higher Launch, Lower Spin

There are just so many considerations before purchasing a driver but one of the most important factors to consider is the driver’s ability to promote higher launch and lower spin (a combination that can greatly improve your game). Special pieces of drivers have emerged and currently feature a lower and more forward-center of gravity, in relation to a high launch. Drivers which offer this kind of combo are designed to make tee shots much easier, while still giving consideration to distance and stability. Go for this one and surely,you’ll enjoy a higher chance of hitting the ball accurately and lower chance of mistakes.

With the many breakthroughs in science and technology, the list to consider when buying a driver could just go on and on. Still, there’s no denying that the considerations cited on this page can be of big help when purchasing a driver soon – or in the future.

Five Tips to consider when buying a lanyard

One of the cheapest promotional items that is widely used to advertise businesses, schools and organizations are neck lanyards. Lanyards are budget friendly, useful and easy to wear, making them among the most favored giveaways by businessmen and event organizers. There are several types of lanyards depending on the materials: cord, nylon, cotton, and polyester to name some; these lanyards are easily customized, from the materials used to the kind of design to be printed.

Do remember to invest in quality more than the quantity of the lanyards. Investing in a quality item to give away reflects, even in a small way, the image of your business. Whether you are giving these lanyards for free or selling them at a price,  make sure that they are durable, the print is not easily erased, and the clasp not easily detached or broken.

Here are some tips for you when choosing or buying neck lanyards:

1. Identify the purpose

When you decide about buying in bulk, think about the purpose of your giveaway. It is easy to just order lanyards and give them away only to realize that you do not need one at all. Are they going to be used in a meeting or a seminar? Will the lanyards be distributed in an an event with many people?

Knowing the purpose of your item will give you a clearer view of what kind of materials to order or use. For example when you decided on making it a giveaway for a sports event; you might want your lanyard to be durable and made of a material that is easy on the skin.

2. The devil is in the details

If you have a customized design in mind that you want printed on the lanyard, consider the intricacy of the details. Is it a simple design or a more complex detailed design? This will help you choose the kind of material best suited for the design you want printed out.

lanyardFiner designs means you need to opt for the nylon or dye sublimation types since these are suited for such. If the design is simple, there are more choices for you to choose from.

3. Is it for long-time or short-time use?

Are you going to require the use of the lanyard every day? Is it the recommended lanyard in the office together with the ID? If your company is opting to focus on company branding, more often than not, your employees will be required to wear the prescribed neck lanyard every day. With this, you may want to opt for the ones that do not easily wear out. Is it for one-time use like a nameplate for a 3-day seminar? Then you can opt for lighter materials suitable to hold a simple name tag.

4. Light load or heavier load?

As the one who is giving the neck lanyards to people, one of the things you might not concern yourself with is the things these people will hang using their lanyards. But if you are promoting something like keys, it might be helpful to make the clasp more durable and ready to handle the weight of keys.

5. Budget

Lastly, consider your budget, lanyards may be cheap but depending on the design and other additional features you want to add, some suppliers may add charges. So, unless you want to spend more money for a fancy lanyard, be reasonable and realistic.

Make sure that you ask for a sample of the neck lanyards you want before buying them in bulk. This ensures that you get what you really want and test whether your supplier produces quality products that are able to meet your expectations.

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The Bodybuilder’s Greatest Secret: Prohormones

Gone are the steroid days. For bodybuilders, now is the time to buy prohormones. Today, a lot of people have been singing praises for this wonder supplement. However, only a little has shed light on the necessary information about prohormones. Here you will learn some of the important facts regarding this supplement.

What are Prohormones?


These are the precursors of testosterone, a male hormone. If ingested, the prohormones will be converted into new testosterones for your body. Testosterone has two main functions: the anabolic and the androgenic function.

Anabolic function refers to the creation and maintenance of muscles and bones in the body. It is because of this function that bodybuilders buy prohormones.

On the other hand, masculine features are regulated through the androgenic function. These include the facial and body hair growth, voice pitch and baldness in men.

Different Types of Prohormones

Here are the most common types of prohormones that are used by bodybuilders.

Epistane (Havoc): Dubbed as the most popular prohormone, Epistane can deliver a good amount of muscle mass and strength of muscle without damaging the liver. Dosage per day is 20 to 70 mgs.

Superdrol (Masterdrol, M Drol, S Drol): Superdrol, the strongest prohormone, is used to gain a significant amount of muscle mass and strength. Dosage should be 10 to 30 mg per day.

Pheraplex (Phera Plex, P Plex, Phera): This is used in bulking to gain lean muscle. The user should drink lots of water if taking this supplement. 10 to 30 mg per day is the recommended dosage of Pheraplex.

M-1 (4ADD): This prohormone is classified under the liver toxic category. Used for bulking cycles, the dosage should be around 30 to 90 mg.

Halodrol (H-Drol, Halodrol-50): Compared to most prohormones, this one is milder in effect. As such, it is mainly used in a cutting cycle (wherein the user intends to reduce body fat but maintain muscle mass). Recommended dosage is 25 to 75 mg per day.

4AD: This is used in conjunction with other prohormones because it is the weakest of all the prohormone types. Because of its mild effect, there is only a slow yet steady growth of muscle mass when taking 4AD. Also, this supplement should be taken for a longer period of time to see its effect in the body.

Methods of Delivery

Another advantage of prohormones is that it has several methods of delivery compared to other alternatives such as steroids.


Oral: This is the most common form of delivery method for prohormones. If you buy prohormones for oral delivery, it can be either in capsule or powder form. However, the liver breaks down 95% of the ingested prohormone so only 5% will be absorbed by the body if the prohormone is taken orally.

Sublingual: By sublingual, it means that the prohormone is put under the tongue for it to be dissolved and absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth. This is more effective than oral, but the number of mucous membranes is only limited so not everything will be absorbed.

Nasal: About 7 mg of prohormones per spray will be absorbed in the mucous membranes found in the nasal passages. As such, this is twice more effective than the sublingual method.

Transdermal: The prohormones are mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol and will be sprayed on the body for maximum absorption. For 12 hours, the sprayed solution will release a steady supply of prohormes into the body.

By knowing the types of prohormones and the available methods of delivery, it is now easy to decide which brand and type of supplement you will buy. Prohormones, a must of bodybuilders, is definitely shaping the men of the world for the better.